Vudu Farms Revenue Model

Powerful combination of realestate & agronomy expertise with Artificial Intelligence enables us to adopt and succeed with precision agriculture practices and accumulate revenues for our investors.


  • VUDU Farms Team buy land for you after extensive vetting the land and taking legal opinion from the best Lawyers available for this job. After all documentation i.e. execution of Sale deed, Mutation and RTC our team starts Land development works including fencing. Next step is choice of Fruit for cultivation based on soil profiling, we use latest technologies for Water and Field management. 

  • Depending on the crop, revenue starts from 3rd to 4th year of cultivation.

  • Total land cost can be recovered within the span of 10 years.

  • After 10 years you will have well developed farm, with land appreciation of approx. 10-15 percent every year

Smooth Land Purchase

Smooth Land Purchase

Reduce farm input cost​

Reduce farm input cost

Reasonable Investor ROI​

Reasonable Investor ROI

You will get land at best prices and professional services in developing your farm with precision Agriculture techniques and maintaining it to help your land appreciate and accumulate revenues from the Crop

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