Horticultre Projects

What is Horticulture Projects?

Flowers and Ornamentals

In this project, members learn the fundamentals of growing flowers and ornamental plants. The life skills practiced through participation in this project include learning to learn, communicating, planning and organizing, making decisions, leading self and others, and planning your life.

Learners study seeds, plant parts, and their functions. They will have opportunities to learn to plant and grow ornamentals in gardens or containers. Topics include plant propagation techniques, soils, light, water, fertilizer, composting, crowding, hydroponics, mulches, and identification of plant pest damage.

In the advanced unit, learners build and use a cold frame, learn about the horticulture business and careers, analyze a planting site and make a landscape plan, divide perennials, and study organic and chemical fertilizing and insect control.

Member Materials

  • Sustainable Gardening: The Oregon-Washington Master Gardener Handbook (EM 8742)
  • My 4-H Horticulture Record (712-00R)
  • 4-H Horticulture Advancement Guide (4-H 2301R)
  • Oregon 4-H Flower and Ornamental Growers Handbook (4-H 231)
  • Oregon 4-H Horticulture Contest Guide: Vegetables (4-H 2334)

Exhibit Materials

  • Container Gardening Exhibit Score Card (716-01)
  • Container Garden Exhibit Information Card (716-02)
  • Cut Flower Exhibit Score Card (713-01)
  • Flower Arrangement and Bouquet Exhibit Evaluation Card (713-02)
  • Flower Show Tag

For Volunteers, in Addition to Member Materials

  • Basic Floral Design Leader’s Guide (4-H 2354L)
  • Oregon 4-H Science Handbook: 4-H Horticulture

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