valuation of agricultural land in India

How is an agricultural land value calculated?

There are many ways to decide on the proper valuation for agricultural land for sale in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

The economic aspects include the land type, i.e. whether it is dry or wetland, the availability of suitable water resources, and the crop types, i.e. wheat, paddy, or vegetable crops. Other major factors include the number of crops to be grown in a year, i.e. 2 or 3 crops. The proximity factor to nearby areas/villages is also important along with the fertility of soil conditions and availability of utilities such as electricity for motors and pumps. The financial considerations that are important include the average annual income in a year or the yield for each acre, the probability of converting land usage to warehousing, industrial or residential, and the documents that are necessary. Some considerations include hereditary property, ownership details, number of claimants, and so on.

Some other factors include the guideline value based on the nearest office of the sub-registrar or the last sale consideration which was registered for a specific survey number. The location and available infrastructure are also important. Land fertility and soil productivity are other important factors to be considered. The agricultural land value is also determined by irrigation and road margin although these are not as important aspects.

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