Month: September 2021

7 Best Farm Management Practices

7 Best Farm Management Practices

7 Best Farm Management Practices  There are many good ways of managing a farm, but what about the best ways to carry out farm management? Below we’ve compiled 7 tips that are applicable to every farmer, whether you’re into no-till, precision agriculture, smart farming, cattle… the list goes on. Make a note of these and ensure that your current farm procedures …

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Horticultre Projects

What is Horticulture Projects?

Flowers and Ornamentals In this project, members learn the fundamentals of growing flowers and ornamental plants. The life skills practiced through participation in this project include learning to learn, communicating, planning and organizing, making decisions, leading self and others, and planning your life. Learners study seeds, plant parts, and their functions. They will have opportunities …

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land Preservation

Agricultural Land Preservation in India

Agricultural Land Preservation Agricultural land preservation refers to a variety of strategies used to preserve or protect higher-quality agricultural land for present and future agricultural use. These strategies have developed in response to threats on agricultural land, such as urban development, the need for food security in a sustainable production system, and the desire to …

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